Make Winter Healthy By Including Greens In Your Diet

Experience Make Winter Healthy By Including Greens In Your Diet

The winter season is a time the perfect time to eat delicious dishes and fresh veggies which is available in the winter season making it almost irresistible for us to grab them. Winter is a perfect time to fill your kitchen shelves with winter vegetables and help your family to get healthy. It is a season that brings a lot of green veggies with different nutritional values. It helps to keep your body warm and come with many other benefits. The most popular and widely available winter veggies are green leafy vegetables such as Palak, methi, sarso, peas, bathua and many more.

The abundance of green leafy vegetables is flooded in the market. It helps to decrease the level of cholesterol and is a tremendous source of good quantities of folate. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and is rich in antioxidants. While each veggie has specific benefits and it is necessary to add to your diet. These are some winter veggies and help to withstand cold, chilly winds of harsh weather.

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Veggies To Include In Your Diet


A nutrition leafy vegetable that helps to prevent vision loss, boost immunity and has inflammatory properties. It helps to protect the body from various diseases and easily maintain brain functions. It has antioxidant properties which prevent cancer and help to relieve chronic abdominal distress. It has full of nutritional value and has a large number of essential nutrients. It has anti-cancer properties which consist of vitamins like A, B, C, E, K, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

spinach scaled


It is a highly nutritious veggies that prevents many diseases. It is a veggie that includes calcium, vitamin C, K, zinc, selenium and also help to improve your immunity health. It is the most recommended vegetable for cholesterol and heart patients to thicken the arteries. It gives good heart health, eye health, support hormonal balance and work with the immune system. It is a high fibre food that is beneficial and supports the digestive process and is a fuel source of health.


Mustard Greens

It is a lacy edged leaf of the same plant that produces mustard seeds. It is a leaf that has a bitter taste and is more peppery than kale or swiss chard. It contains healthy boosting antioxidants like beta carotene which help to protect your skin and lower teh risk of diabetes. It is one of the nutritious food and it has low calories and full-fibre and micronutrients. Excellent source of vitamin K and easy to boost your immunity. It also gives heart health, eye health, and anticancer effects.

mustard greens


It is a cruciferous vegetable that comes from the same families like kale, lettuce, cauliflower and a few others. It is a favourite vegetable in winters and full of different nutrients. It is rich in nutrients with antioxidants vitamin C and K. It is a good source of fibre and helps in bone health. It has low calories and a good heart of health. It fights cancer prevention and increases immunity and better digestion. It easily promotes a healthy complexion and increased energy while it has produced for radiation therapy. It contains antioxidants choline, beta cartenem lutein and zeaxanthin with many other flavonoids.


Fenugreek Leaves

Popularly it is known as methi and has a distinct flavour which is mostly enjoyed at Indian houses during winters. It has various nutrients and is important for health which has calcium, vitamin C, K, A and has B-complex vitamins. It has powerful antioxidants and has surprising health benefits. It has an effective natural remedy for ailments and uses many remedies. It has strong antioxidants, helpful for bone health, control diabetes, good for the digestive system, and cures many diseases.

fenugreek leaves

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