About Us

Food is a word that brings me joy and happiness.

Food Historia is a blog that talks about food and food which means recipes, food history and my experience with food. It is not a particular stick to a topic it will give you the best creative recipes and tells you about the history of food.

“Food Historia” the name of a blog suggest that here historia means history. It, not the basic food blog that gives you recipes only it also tells about the history of food from where it has come and how it is cooked in ancient times and how it become famous and in which parts it gained popularity. When I write on a particular topic first I read that from it comes so I can understand the flavor and authenticity of that region. 

Food Talk

I just try to talk about something interesting that probably makes the sense to get started by just writing about the recipes. Food-related ideas and try something new.

Sharing little tips for how to make the recipe turn out just right.

Describing the specific ingredients.

Explaining what ingredients are typically used and how the dish is traditionally made.

Specifying every step so it is easy for the audience to understand and go accordingly.

It tells that what fusion and new ingredients you can use in the recipe which makes it different from the typical boring recipe.

Story Teller

As I am a new blogger I want to connect with my readers. I have started telling my food stories. It tells my personal experience. It talks about my inspiration from where I got the inspiration to make the dish. It has some joyful and funny content which you will love to read. I don’t want to be that type blogger which provides you recipes as I share my childhood food stories which will make you remember your childhood and make you rejoice. The face of the blog is food, but I hope it always also tells the story of our lives and the people around us.

Recipe Inventor

It no matters what I talk but the most important thing I cant forget between all this to give you the new recipes for which you are visiting my blog. The fun of reading food blogs is seeing people passionately in love with their food. Passionately in love with their food. Wow. But it’s so exciting to read about someone talking about something they love. To get the best recipes with new fusion. Recipe of food is the most important part of the blog which tells you that what ingredients can improvise your dish.

About Me

I am Jagriti, the cook and the writer behind this small blog. I have grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum and conversations in my family are always about the next meal. The love for food and cooking is always a passion for me. But my passion allowed me to follow my cooking journey. A food enthusiast and obsessed with food. My food journey never ends it has different parts. A foodaholic girl who has a love for food. I started cooking at the age of 5. it was the time when I can’t reach the kitchen platform and my maid makes me sit on the platform and allow to cook.

From my childhood, I don’t like much to watch cartoons or tv shows I am more into cookery shows. For those cookery shows, I wait for a week. On Sunday afternoon a very popular cookery show of Sanjeev Kappor come and there I sit in front of a tv with a dairy and pencil in my hand and write those recipes. Then whole week I ask my mom to cook those recipes with me. I followed my passion food is not only love for me it is unexplainable.