Dal Chawal: A Comfort Food

Experience Dal Chawal: A Comfort Food

When I hear dal chawal the first thing that comes to my mind is comfort food that has thousands of childhood memories and it is a topped ranked dish of every millennial above any pizza or burger. It is a wholesome meal which is cooked by mother with affection and love and no one denies to eat because it is a complete healthy food. It is comfort food that provides a nostalgic and sentimental value to many people, but it has been characterised by various nutrients with simple preparation. The combination of both is a complete meal and effective in living a balanced diet.

But apparently, the lifestyle has been changed while people are eating scrumptious, lavish meals but dal shawl in unbeatable from any gourmet food. Dal shawl is love where a dollop of ghee in a bowl of dal which is tempered with red chilli, mustard seeds, and cumin seeds that aroma make me forget all the worries and tiredness. While dal is a perfect balance of vitamins, carbs, minerals, and protein which is essential in our daily diet. But in India dal chawal is like a traditional food that has an array of nutritional values.

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What Makes Dal Chawal So Special?

Dal chawal is very flavorful and comforting which feels homely and it is above the plated food. It is a food that has hundreds of memories which is from childhood to adulthood. I have many memories with this super comforting food which has joy, laughter, pinching, games, and straining thoughts. It is a usual dish of every Indian household which is served with ghee on top with papad, salad, and pickle. While dal is an essential part of our regular diet and is usually served with rice and chapati and paired with different vegetables or dry meat.

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According to reports it has been found that it is the food which saves fun from the global crisis, even the health experts feel that daal shawl is the best thing to have in every meal. Where a bowl of dal contains essential fibre, proteins, vitamins, calcium, and carbs. As rice is gut-friendly and low carb food which only increases the satiation level of the body.

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Benefits Of Dal Chawal

It has become a humble meal that is a source of comfort for many people in India where each nutrient is vital for your diet and your dal, rice, and ghee provide most of them. Here are some health benefits of dal shawl which has been discussed below:

Great Source Of Protein: Dal is a dish that is full of nutrients which makes it an incredibly important dish for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Proteins help to create important body chemicals like hormones and enzymes which are mandatory for completing basic bodily tasks.

Helps With Indigestion: It has ghee and dal is tempered with hing and cumin seeds and it gives a great combination for the stomach. These ingredients trigger various enzymes and digestive juices in your body which aid your digestion. Additionally, because these ingredients are high in fibre, they also prevent intestinal gas.

Important For Lysine Consumption: Rice is almost the only grain having Lysine, an essential amino acid (one that cannot be produced by the body and has to be consumed from the food).

Safe For Diabetic: Ghee with rice is safe for diabetics. Rice with pulses/legumes topped with ghee has the complete amino acid profile in a specific ratio. Hence, being a rich source of plant protein and easy to digest makes it an excellent food choice.

Maintain Your Diet: Dal is known for being incredibly heavy, which will help you avoid overeating throughout the day. Additionally, the proteins in the dish will help you build muscles and improve your metabolism so that you can burn fat at a faster pace.

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