Imarti & Rabri : A Exotic Combination Of Dessert

Sweet Imarti & Rabri : A Exotic Combination Of Dessert

Imarti & Rabri is a popular combination that has been eaten in many parts of India and this combination is the heaven of sweets where a crispy imarti is topped with creamy rabri. It is a divine combination when you gulp into the mouth it is a blast of sweetness in the mouth that takes you to another level and make a desire another bite. It is a traditional type of sweet that one must try and it is a popular part of the sweet family which is easily available at any sweet shop in the area. Once you will take a bite it will disappear in your mouth and gives the amazing after taste which will be demanded more.

Making imarti is an artistic work where they make a circle with loops on each with a muslin cloth which is filled with batter and it pours the texture into the Kadhai brimming with oil. While them to a perfection or till they become crisp and golden on both sides while they lift in a spiral and let it drain for few seconds, and lastly drop into sugary syrup and after few minutes it is taken off and served with a delectable combination. While rabri is made from rich cream milk which is simmered in low flame in a flat bottom pan/ kadhai and it necessary to the layers on the top and it is cooked it became thick and afterwards it is simmered with sugar and wait till the sugar melts and let it cool down. It is a delightful dessert that is made from simple ingredients and also accomplished with various other desserts like imarti.


The combination of imarti & rabri is very famous in North India. The creamy milk chilled rabri goes well with the crunchy hot imarti which is a brilliant taste. It is also very good for the health because they are a rich source of carbohydrates and energy as they contain a good amount of fat and sugar. It is a well looked sweet dish that is garnished with saffron, almonds, and pistachios. Usually, it is served at North Indian weddings or at the time of the festival. These are the sweets which compliment each other and eaten together is most tempting.

History Of Imarti & Rabri

Imarti is a famous sweet dish that is popularly known as Jhangri. It has a very ancient history and it is invented by Mughal cooks where a Prince Jehangir is fond of sweets and he bored of having regular sweets so he wants to eat something new and asked for the cooks to make something innovative so one cook makes a sweet of Persia which is added from the batter of urad dal and deep-fried in oil and soaked in sugar syrup. Thus, it is originated from the Mughal kitchen.


Rabri has an immersive history which is created in Mathura and perfected in Varanasi where the art of rabri travelled East. It is made by heating sweetened milk in a large open vessel while the layer of cream begins to in the surface of the milk. It has various variations while they are travelling to different parts of the country where they added some various distinct like dry fruits, khoya, saffron and other ingredients.

Imarti and rabri have a childhood memory that is relishing a platter full of hot and crispy Imarti with some chilled rabri on the top. It has its very own crispy, hot and sweet imarti which my grandfather brings from the nearest shop of halwai which is topped with homemade rabri and I relish this sweet dish the most. I miss those summer nights when I enjoy my sweet craving a fill my little tummy with relishing sweetness. Everyone has their own story and relatable memory. While rabri is a sweet dish that is often made in my home kitchen where my mother tries some variations with that or sometimes she put them in an ice cream tray and make kulfi from that which is the yummiest homemade I have ever had with some dry fruits infused with it.

Imarti & Rabri

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