5 Winter Drinks You Must Try In Chilly Winters

Discover 5 Winter Drinks You Must Try In Chilly Winters

Chilly winter on top where a day starts with a foggy morning in a cosy blanket and a nice cup of piping hot coffee where the dropping temperature with each passing day, to urge the winter comfort food and drinks. Where each season brings a plethora of delicious and vibrant seasonal delicacies. If it is cooling cucumber and sweet mangoes for summers, where certain nourishing green vegetables and warming sesame seeds for winter. Where the seasonal changes bring the change in our diet which has a long list of other things which rely on them to survive this cold.

The onset of winters can add different warm beverages to your regular diet and keep you warm in chilly winters and it helps to deal with harsh weather conditions.Since the nippy weather makes us lazy and lethargic with these winter beverages are filled with healthy ingredients that will give us the energy to boost. Although tea and coffee is most undoubtedly a crowd favourite drink sometimes it needs little more than that.

There are nourishing drinks in the classic winters which you can enjoy in the hot winters. People from different regions across India have their special winter drinks which have been made from generations. It uses some ingredients like cloves, ginger, cinnamon, peppercorns, and others. If you haven’t grabbed your cup of favourite cup of the classic drink. Various drinks have warming ingredients to aid sour health.

5 Winter Drinks You Must Try

Hot chocolate and candy canes scaled 1

Hot Chocolate

It is a perfect winter drink where it is now hot cocoa which indulges with hot beverages. It is a rich indulgent concoction full of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, and milk. Where it is topped with whipped cream or some marshmallows with it. It is for a chocolate lover which can easily enjoy piping hot. It is one of the best drinks enjoyed by every age group of people. It brings rejoice and no one can refuse the hot chocolate in winters.

4x3 kashmiri pink chai noon chai video recipe

Noon Chai

It is a beautiful rosy Kashmiri tea that you can experiment with your morning cup of tea. It has nice colour and aroma with the best delicacy. It is a tea that is prepared with basic ingredients such as tea leaves, milk, salt, and many other authentic ingredients which has a flavoursome version with some whole spices and garnishes. It is also known. As gulabi chai is pink in colour and helps to keep the body warm. It is a Kashmiri speciality that uses tea leaves and it is specially grown in winters.

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doodh 1

Masala Doodh

It is one of the healthy drinks for winters which is a combination of various flavours which is mixed with milk. It has spices and dry fruits to give a flavour to the drink. It is a nourishing and healthy drink which can be enjoyed at any time season where it brings with many other benefits. While you can try many other variations like classic masala doodh, kesari masala doodh, haldi masala doodh and others. It is amped with some spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and other delicious dry fruits to enhance the flavour of the drink.

Classic Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

If you are like to drink some no fussy soothing winter drink where Hot toddy is a perfect choice for winters. It is made with merely hot boiling tea with whole spices. It sort of comfortable hot drink which an alcoholic beverage that is enjoyed with whisky which is mixed spices, honey and some sugar. It is a blend of ingredients and pure indulgence where it keeps you warm in biting winters.

Winter Drinks

Mulled Wine

It is an alcoholic drink that is an integral part of holiday traditions for the cold season which is infused with spices like cinnamon, cloves, raisins, and nutmeg. It makes the perfect party drink which is served hot and cold. It has variations that are mostly region-specific. It is alcoholic so it is easy to make it cosy.

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