India is a country where people live in the street and eat in the street. Street food is popular all over the world. People from all kinds of backgrounds eat in street. From Mumbai to New Delhi, cities throughout India boast a delicious array of roadside foods. When it comes to street food, India is a proud nation where every state – every city has its specialty. Our wide varieties of scrumptious, quick, and cheap street food are known for giving hunger pangs.

So, if your mouth has started watering already, we would advise you to come with us as we intend to take you on a delicious journey beginning from the North to the South and give you the ‘Zayka’ of real India. Every city has its variety and style of making any particular dish. It spicy, fried, and flavorful which gives the authentic taste of Indian food.

group bombay chat food includes golgappapanipuri shutterstock 1422412163 800x450 1Indian street food varies from region to region and even from vendor to vendor. It has deep-fried dough with or without fillings, is often made with a medley of vegetables, spices, and sauces, and can include a range of flavorful, seasoned meats. It has small dumplings known as momos with spicy chili paste, different varieties of kebabs with a variety of sandwiches filled with flavors.

One of the very famous street food which is available at every street of India with their variation is chaat. No matter you find any other street food item or not, Chaat is something that’ll catch your glimpse every time you are on a street food stall. It has a wide range and has many variations.

In traditional time street food has a limited variety which is vada pav, pav bhaji, dhokla, kachori, gol gappe, pakoras, and a few other variations. Nowadays the popularity of street food is boomed. Today street food ranges from chaats, idlis, dosa, samosa chaat, dahi vada, and so on. On top of it, Chinese fast food is the big-time favorite in India. It has an array of drinks like coffee, masala soda to fresh juices.

Street FoodThe street food has all the variety of food. It senses somewhat of a novelty: a new experience that offers an authentic local treat at very low prices. It’s not just the flavors and the smells that appeal but watching the speed and accuracy with which the vendors work is truly mind-blowing. The taste is lip-smacking which you can’t get at any of five-star restaurants.

Popular Indian Street Food

The cuisine of India is wildly different depending on which state you visit – and the street food scene is no different. A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without having vada pav: a deep-fried potato patty served in a bun with a variety of condiments. For those in Kolkata, the egg roll is a staple part of the diet, made by wrapping a fried egg inside a paratha and serving with a chutney or dipping sauce. There’s also the jhaal muri: popular puffed rice and vegetable snack, with a similar version known as bhelpuri found on Mumbai’s beaches. In Punjab, in northern India, you’ll often see stalls serving chole bhature: a spicy chickpea curry mopped up with puffed, deep-fried flatbreads.

Indian Street FoodIn India, street food has popularity because it gives the original taste and authenticity of that dish. For working, class street food vendors are a primary form of substances that gives tasty and delicious food at a low cost. It has roadside dhabas and thelas which gives food at very low cost and feed to the daily wage earners.

Though food sold in local streets gained popularity day by day. t is not only popular in India it is reached to the other countries. The cookery programs highlighting street food. The food of street has raised the level it has reached to a fine dining restaurant with some modernization or fused with flavors and techniques from elsewhere in the world.

Jagriti Shukla
I am Jagriti, the cook and the writer behind this small blog. I have grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum and conversations in my family are always about the next meal. The love for food and cooking is always a passion for me. But my passion allowed me to follow my cooking journey.

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