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Food Crunchy Tortilla Veg Wrap

It is the summer season when people like to eat healthy and light food. It is one of the best for the summer meal. Crunchy Mexican veg wrap is a super nutritious and packed with veggies and made in Mexican style. It is a simple recipe and they are full of healthy vegetables which are good for health. 

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This wholesome wrap is a complete meal. As it consists of various filling according to choices and has creamy greek yogurt to accomplish the wraps. It has the goodness of colorful and crunchy vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, onion, and corn. It has creamy yogurt sauce on top which makes the filling perfect and gives the creamy texture to the Mexican wrap.

What Is Wrap?

It is a dish made with a soft flatbread rolled around a filling. The usual flatbreads are wheat tortillas, lavash, or pita; the filling usually consists of cold sliced meat, poultry, or fish accompanied by shredded lettuce, diced tomato or pico de gallo, guacamole, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, grilled onions, cheese, and a sauce. It was western culture and probably comes from California, and became popular in the 1990s. 

It is a dish that is easy to go it can be taken in hands and can be eaten while working. In India, these wraps gained popularity from Kolkata and became the popular street food. Now a variety of wraps are been available like kebab is wrapped in paratha. It has chicken wrap filled with crispy chicken with lettuce, mayonnaise, and salsa. It has cheese wraps that are loaded with cheese and some veggies with ranch dressing.

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In this tortilla veg wrap, I have made four different types of healthy filling which are healthy and tasty. These filings are cottage cheese, mushroom, corn, and coleslaw. These filings are flourishing and nutritious as it consists of healthy ingredients. In these fillings, you can vary vegetables according to your choices. For refreshing flavor, I have used lettuce leaf in the wraps which are healthy.

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If you want to make your wraps creamy in texture then you drizzle ranch sauce or greek yogurt on the top and then wrap the tortilla sheets with the filling. In this recipe, I have used whole wheat tortilla sheets but you can use any tortilla sheets. 

Crunchy Tortilla Veg Wrap Recipe 


Cottage Cheese Filling

  • Olive oil 2 tbs
  • Cottage cheese ½ cup
  • Onion 1 (medium)
  • Tomatoes 1 (medium)
  • Salt ½ tsp
  • Black pepper powder 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
  • Cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp
  • Garlic crushed 1 tsp
  • Green chili 1

Mushroom Filling 

  • Olive oil 1 tbs
  • Mushroom 1 Cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Green capsicum julienne 1/4
  • Yellow capsicum julienne 1/4
  • Red capsicum julienne 1/4
  • Onion 1
  • Fresh coriander 2 tbs 

Corn Filling

  • Olive oil 2 tbs
  • Lemon juice 2 tbs
  • Red chili ½ tsp
  • Garlic crushed 1 tsp
  • Salt ¼ tsp
  • Black pepper powder ½ tsp
  • Honey 1 tsp
  • Tomatoes cubes 1 medium
  • Onion 1 medium
  • Cucumber ½ Cup
  • Corns boiled ½ Cup
  • Fresh coriander 2 tbs 

Coleslaw Filling

  • Apple (julienned) 1/2
  • Cabbage (julienned) 1/2 cup
  • Carrot (julienned) 1/2
  • Onion (sliced) 1
  • Olives 2 tbsp
  • Mayonnaise2 tbsp
  • Black pepper 1/2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp


  • Tortilla sheets 4
  • Iceberg leaves4
  • Cottage cheese filling
  • Mushroom filling 
  • Corn filling
  • Coleslaw filling



For Cottage Cheese Filling 

  1. In a pan heat, the oil adds garlic and onion.
  2. Saute till it becomes translucent add tomatoes and green chili and let tomatoes become mushy.
  3. Add turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and salt.
  4. Now add the crumbled cottage cheese and mix it well.

For Mushroom Filling

  1. In a frying pan, add olive oil.
  2. Add onion and mix well.
  3. Add capsicums and cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Add mushroom and sprinkle slat.
  5. Mix it well and let the mushrooms cook.

For Corn Filling

  1. In a bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, red chili crushed, garlic, salt, black pepper powder, honey, and whisk well & set aside.
  2. In a bowl, add tomato, onion, cucumber, corns kernels, fresh coriander, prepared salad dressing, and mix well.

For Coleslaw

  1. In a mixing bowl, add the julienned apples, carrots, cabbage, and onions.
  2. Stir in the mayo, crushed black pepper and salt. Squeeze in the lemon juice and stir it.
  3. Refrigerate the Apple Coleslaw.


  1. Heat the tortilla sheets in a pan or in the oven.
  2. On each sheet place lettuce leaves.
  3. Add the prepared filling on each tortilla.
  4. Wrap it from the edges and serve.

Tortilla Veg Wrap

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I am Jagriti, the cook and the writer behind this small blog. I have grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum and conversations in my family are always about the next meal. The love for food and cooking is always a passion for me. But my passion allowed me to follow my cooking journey.

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