Modak: A Indian Sweet Dumpling

Dessert Modak: A Indian Sweet Dumpling

Modak is an Indian sweet dumpling that is stuffed with coconut, jaggery, nutmeg, and saffron. It is prepared in a variety of ways and it is known under various names. It is called by various names such as mothagam or kozhukattai in Tamil, modhaka or kadubu in Kannada, or kudzu in Telgu. But it is a popular Maharashtra dessert which usually consumed during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, and even they are made in different parts of India with a variety of variations. Occasionally it is made from wheat flour and semolina are. Used to make modak shell, and filled with different ingredients such as bananas, saffron, or nutmeg. Subsequently, prepared modaks can be steamed, boiled, or fried and sometimes it is even is served raw.

Modak is considered to be the favourite sweet of the Lord Ganesha. Where the world modak means “small part of bliss” and it symbolises spiritual knowledge. It has a special place at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, with 21 pieces of modaks offered in the prasad. But nowadays contemporary cooks have taken the modaks to new heights. Where they have invented new variations which include mawa, chana dal, dark chocolate, fruit puree gels, raspberry, white chocolate ganache, pistachio marzipan and many other. But the traditional version is still the go-to recipe for the festival.

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Why Does Lord Ganesha Love Modak?

It has a story behind this where Lord Shiva once visited Anusuya, the wife of ancient Rishi (named Atri) where they live in a forest. At that time Lord Shiva was hungry and asked to be served food at the earliest where Anusuya said that she will serve Lord Shiva only once Bal Ganesha’s hunger has been satiated. But Lord Shiva is irked by this and controlled and waited to eat while Bal Ganesha was served a wide array of food items. Where Lord Ganesha ate everything he was served but he still didn’t feel full but his mother Goddess Parvati was stunned to see this and realising that Lord Shiva would not have anything left to eat due to Ganpati insatiable hunger.

But Anusuya served the little lord a single piece of sweet after eating it Ganpati led out a loud burp when he ate this, which is an indication that he is finally full. This is quite surprising, Lord Ganesha burp was accompanied by Lord Shiva’s 21 burps. Goddess Parvati was curious to know what sweetened food item was that instantly filled Bal Ganesh’s stomach. When she learnt that it was a modak, and she expressed her desire to all the devotees of Lord Ganesha that they must offer modaks to him, which is carried from generation ever since.

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Types Of Modak

But there is another story of Lord Ganesha’s love for modaks is mentioned in Puranas. The story is associated with Lord Ganesh’s grandmother Menavati where she pampered her grandson by preparing ladies for him but baby Ganesh grew older and so did his appetite for laddoos. Where Goddess Parvati realised that preparing a large number of ladies in a short period might be impossible and she decided to make another dish from him which is equally relishing. Hence, she made a sweet from rice flour, coconut, jaggery, and ghee which was offered to Ganesha and he happily gorged on it.

Health Benefits Of Modak

Modak is an amazing sweet which does not only have a taste while it has health benefits too, where they have many essential health benefits as they help in various ways such they control blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes as they are made from rice, coconut, jagger and it is seemed and eaten with ghee so it is not hazardous like other sweets. Where it helps in many other problems like PCOD, thyroid, weight loss and others because it is made from rice flour and consist of jaggery which is good for health and it is not bad sugar because it is filled with various nutrients and not that refined sugar which is not good for health and it consist good fat and nutrition.

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