A New Trend: TikTok Tortilla Wrap

Dessert A New Trend: TikTok Tortilla Wrap

A TikTok tortilla wrap has gone viral and it’s good that it changes the trend of wraps. Though wraps are mouthwatering and extremely delicious, eating them is quite a messy affair. Just a bite into it and the filling inside starts oozing out and falling on the plate. All that is left is to gather the filling at the end eat it separately.

A trending tortilla wrap hack is making rounds on the internet and grabbing eyeballs all over. This video has become an instant hit among the people who love making and eating wraps. It involves a simple cutting and folding technique.

This hack is a rescue and a solution that ensures every bite is perfect and none of the fillings fall out. The hack was first brought by a home chef which goes viral on TikTok and became the viral wraps of 2021. The moment this hack went viral on the internet, people started sharing their mouthwatering creations. The wrap can be customized as per your requirements and liking.

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The tortilla wrap trend shows a new way to enjoy a wrap with a strategically placed cut that allows you to fold the tortilla wrap in three or four layers of filling. It is the smartest way to make a wrap. You cut through the middle of the tortilla down on the edge, fill the different quadrants with fillings, then fold it all up into a neat triangle that can be eaten as is or grilled.

The wrap hack is a super simple way to wrap up tortilla wraps. Instead of rolling all the fillings up, the tortilla is folded into quarters, making a compact, triangle-shaped wrap. You can customize this according to your choice. It could be sweet and savory both of which scrumptious tasty. It has different versions like sushi, dessert, and even pizza versions making the rounds.

How To Wrap Hack

  • Lay your tortilla out on a cutting board. Take a knife and cut the middle of the tortilla down the edge.
  • Imagine the tortilla being divided up into four quadrants and place different ingredients into each quadrant.
  • Fold the wrap up, starting from the bottom left quarter, folding it up over the top left, then folding to the top right, then folding it down to the bottom right.
    Enjoy as it is or grill. Grill it with butter on the grill pan which makes it crisp and gives a nice crunch to it.
  • While making your hack wraps you need to keep your main flavor/ ingredient on the bottom left corner, then put your dressing/ sauce on the top right and finish off with some grated cheese on the bottom right.

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When it comes to making a wrap, many of us choose to roll it up like we’re making a swiss roll or fold the bottom up before tucking in the sides without losing any of the fillings only to forget that we have forgotten to drizzle in the dressing or add enough cheese. While all quarters containing an ingredient, there’s not a chance of missing something.

These wraps have many options like the healthy version, which swops the tortilla for a broad leaf of lettuce. The best part about this hack is that anything can be used as the base including chapatis, crepes, and even rice paper. The filling can also range from sweet to savory with saucy marinara, cheese, and pepperoni to hazelnut spread, Nutella, berries, banana, and even marshmallows.

Even I have tried sweet and savory recipes with many fusions and flavors. You can try these simple recipes at your home from your kitchen ingredients or the availability of ingredients. Some are chocolate and gooey, with some Indian flavor punch and spices and a lot of mozzarella cheese.

For Recipes Click Here 

Tortilla Wrap

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