Part 4: West Indian Cuisine

Food Part 4: West Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisines have come to an end where I will tell you about west Indian cuisines. The cuisine of west India is diverse. The west region of India includes the following states:- Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Goa. Diversity is one thing that is common across these regions from culture and climate to food. Keeping apart India’s cooking techniques and traditions west Indian food is also boast of eclectic spices and a diverse range of dishes since the cuisine varies from region to region.

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As these states are apart from each other from culture to food. Gujarat has a hot dry climate and traditionally a vegetarian region with a slightly sweet touch in every dish. Rajasthan also has the same climate conditions like Gujarat but they use the abundance of chili and they eat spicy food with a sweet flavor in every dish. Maharashtra food has an eclectic mix of fresh flavors and they use a lot of dry coconut in their food. Goa the party destination of India has a lush green coastline that provides an abundance of seafood.

The staple food of these regions are according to state as in Gujarat and Rajasthan corn, lentils and gram flour, dry red chilies, buttermilk, yogurt, sugar, and nuts; in Maharashtra, fish, rice, coconut and peanuts, and Goa fish, pork and rice. For cooking, they mostly use vegetable oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, and ghee. The important ingredients which are mostly used are dry red chili, sugar, sesame seeds, nuts, dried coconut, meat, and pork.

 Gujarati loves to eat snacks and has a wide variety of it. Thaali is the Gujarati style of eating it consists of 10 different vegetables with different varieties of chapati and sweets and served on a large plate. In Maharastra, people love to enjoy their wide variety of street food. Goa is famous for its beaches and coastal trades where fresh fish and different kinds of seafood are common food. Rajasthani cuisine has a traditional cooking style with their classic dishes come from the kitchen of famous kings. These are some famous cuisines of west India which is popular all over. If you visit west India make sure you try these cuisines. 

West Indian Cuisine

They are some popular cuisines

Vada Pav:- It is the famous cuisine of Mumbai. A pillowy pav, stuffed with a golden crispy deep-fried fiery balls of chickpea-battered mashed potatoes, covered with a lick of tamarind and coriander chutneys and a sprinkling of garlicky masala.

Zunka Bhakri:- A traditional Maharashtrian dish has a chickpea flour base and a tempering of fried onions, mustard seeds, ginger, and garlic. The side dish is eaten with millet chapatis.

Goan Fish Curry:- It is a perfect traditional seafood curry. A tangy fish curry that is cooled with coconut milk. It has a perfect blend of rich spices and Kashmiri red chili. It is served with steamed rice.

Thepla:- It is a flatbread made of whole wheat flour, fresh fenugreek leaves, ginger, green chilies, turmeric, red chili powder, sugar, and salt together kneaded along with yogurt. Make a thin flatbread and cook in high flame. Serve it with chutney or pickle.

Dhokla:- A popular snack of Gujarat. It is made with a fermented batter made from rice and chickpeas flour. It is steamed to a spongy delight. Tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and coconut. It is served with deep-fried green chili.

Gatte Ki Sabzi:- The authentic dish from Rajasthan. Gatte is cooked from gram flour dumplings which are added to the spicy curry gravy. It is spicy curry served it with chapatis or rice.

Laal Maas:- It is a fiery Rajasthani meat curry. Lamb cooked in a variety of masalas and lots of red chilies. It is a mutton curry prepared in a sauce of yogurt and hot spices such as red Mathania chilies. 

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