Breakfast : The Most Important Meal

Food Breakfast : The Most Important Meal

That first meal of the day is more commonly known as breakfast. If you divide this compound word into two parts, you’ll see it’s made up of “break” and “fast.” To fast means to go without food. So “breakfast” means to break the fast you’ve been observing since you went to sleep the night before. 


It is often described as the most important meal of the day, providing as it does sustenance and energy. It kick-starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. It also gives you the energy you need to get things done and helps you focus at work or school. Those are just a few reasons why it’s the most important meal of the day. 

There are different types of breakfast: the most common are Continental breakfast and English Breakfast. Continental buffet is the typical breakfast of Italian and French people: simple, fast, and light. It is a buffet breakfast, where fruit juices, cereals, and other classic products are displayed. 

English buffet is famous because of the plenty of different food served. This type of breakfast gives the guest the possibility to choose between sweet and savory. It has starters like cornflakes, muesli, and rice crispies. It also has fruits, eggs, beans, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, and mushroom are served with toast. In beverages, it has tea, coffee, milk, and juices. 


There is, undoubtedly much cultural variation in the kinds of foods that different people like to eat at different breakfasts to start a healthy day. In India breakfast has many healthy and unhealthy potion which people enjoy. A very famous saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. It also says that morning meal is a very important.

When you eat the first meal you’re telling your body that there are plenty of calories to be had for the day. There are numerous health benefits of breakfast and why it necessary. It also gives you a chance to get in some vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods like dairy, grains, and fruits. It is full of protein and fiber in the morning keeps your appetite in check for the rest of the day.

It provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast. It is a good source of important nutrients such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins as well as protein and fiber. It also restores glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function. It improves memory and concentration levels and it can also make us happier as it can improve mood and lower stress levels. 

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I have discussed a few advantages of breakfast that why to have morning meal and there are some disadvantages of missing the breakfast are discussed below.

Advantages Of Breakfast

  • It decreases appetite.
  • You eat less.
  • You can prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • You will weigh less.
  • Having higher daily calcium and fiber intake. 

Disadvantages Of Missing Breakfast

  • Skipping breakfast may cause weight gain.
  • Negative impact on mood and energy levels.
  • It affects your metabolism.
  • It may affect your cognitive functioning.
  • Increases the risk of cancer. 

Skipping the morning meal can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. When you wake up, the blood sugar your body needs to make your muscles and brain work their best is usually low. It helps replenish it. If your body doesn’t get that fuel from food, you may feel zapped of energy — and you’ll be more likely to overeat later in the day. Skipping morning meal is associated with increased disease risk. 

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People who consume the first meal of the day regularly often have increased physical activity. They have better dietary profiles and lower intake of snacks. Researchers have found that on average, people who consume morning meal are thinner than those who don’t. Kids who don’t eat in the morning have a harder time focusing, and they become more tired in school. They may also be cranky or restless. 

It should be on time it should not be in a hurry that while running you just a grab a piece of toast in hand. The exact timing will vary depending on a person’s needs and schedule but to eat within an hour of waking. 

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What Is The Healthiest Breakfast?

Even if you’ve decided to eat breakfast then what you will choose to be a healthy option for you to start the day. Your buffet should consist of protein, whole grains, healthy fat, and a fruit or vegetable. Whole grains and produce add nutritious fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Some good breakfast suggestions for you to enjoy your morning meal. 

Greek yogurt with nuts, berries, and whole-grain cereal, scrambled eggs with veggies, plus toast with avocado and fruit on the side; or oatmeal made with milk, nut butter, and fruit. A healthy protein smoothie with some fresh fruits and vegetables. Overnight oats with chia seed. Try not to use sugar or use less sugar to start the day. 

Jagriti Shukla
I am Jagriti, the cook and the writer behind this small blog. I have grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum and conversations in my family are always about the next meal. The love for food and cooking is always a passion for me. But my passion allowed me to follow my cooking journey.

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