5 Summer Drinks That Boost Your Immunity

Food 5 Summer Drinks That Boost Your Immunity

Summer has arrived while this scorching is making us crazy and we can feel the temperature soaring higher than ever with each passing day. Earlier summer was a long vacation which was spent at the backyard of grandmother’s place which has huge mango. But as time passed our lifestyle has been changed now we have packed mango juice boxes which we sip while sitting at our air conditioned rooms.

As from last year, people stuck in their homes and this year the conditions are worst where every day a rising case make the condition crucial for every human being to survive as people became extra careful as they prefer drinks which help them to keep their immune strong.

While we talk about immune-boosting drinks first thing comes in mind those hot cup of bitter drink which has dozen of spices and herbs. But we need to change our mindset that there are many drinks beyond these tasteless hot drinks. You can include some summer in your daily diet to enhance your immune system which helps you to beat this heat.

In sweltering heat, we need to calm our body as it tends to lose water at the rapid pace of sweating which is needed to be fulled constantly. While water is essential for our daily but we can also have some refreshing beverages that will rejuvenate our body instantly. It is a nice idea to have some summer refreshing drinks with fresh fruits along with herbs and spices which will keep the body balance in these summers.

5 Summer Drinks For Boosting Immune System

Summer Drink

Aam Panna

With the arrival of summers, people get crazy for mangoes you can eat them raw which has several nutrients. It is one of the refreshing drink which is made of raw mangoes which is blended with cumin, black salt, sugar, mint leaves which has tangy and bursting flavors. Aam Panna also increases immunity and bacterial resistance in the body.

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Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice is a natural energy booster for many. While the arrival of summers you can easily found it on roadside stalls which are selling the juice. It is like an energy drink that helps to build up plasma and body fluids, and also helps in countering dehydration and dullness. By adding mint leaves and black salt with cumin will enhance the taste of this summer drink.

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Nimbu Pani or Lemonade

It is a quick drink which we sip at many times while we feel low it gives instant energy during these hot summers and made quickly with few easy steps. The drink is prepared with lemons, mint, water, salt and sugar. In this drink, you can also add few spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, black pepper for the interesting tangy spicy taste. It consists of lemons which have antibacterial properties.

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Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is also one of the popular summer fruit which is loved by all. It consists of a lot of water which gives the body many health benefits. This helps in blood pressure and prevents the development of asthma which good these days. It is super refreshing and its hydrating properties help to keep the body hydrated. By adding lemon juice and black salt enhances the flavor of the drink.


Lassi or Buttermilk

The summer drink list is incomplete without buttermilk or buttermilk. It is made from fresh curd with some sugar mixed into it. As curd has many antibacterial properties which keep your digestive system check and hydrates to boost immunity. You can make many variations from this as you can be infused with fruits and dry fruits which will enhance the taste of the drink give more richness to this classic drink.

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