Story Of 2 minutes Noodle : Maggi

Food Story Of 2 minutes Noodle : Maggi

Maggi one of the notable and mainstream brands of noodles, which is supported by millions across the world and has been spreading joy over decades. It is popularly known as 2 minutes noodles but it is a myth as it is not cooked in 2 minutes. It takes longer than that it is mentioned in their tagline. It is the noodle that is introduced in the market by 2 minutes noodles as yet craved into the brains of numerous individuals in India. It is a curry-flavored magic that makes every childhood memorable.

Maggi is the instant noodle as a brick of instant noodles crack into half over boiling water and cooked with flavored powder. It has an amazing taste that bursts into your taste buds and craves you for more. It is a snack or meal which fulls your tummy and gives great taste and amazing flavors. You can enjoy this with your very own taste and fusions which you want to mix and match with your Maggi. Even now it has introduced their many flavors of different regions and some healthy Maggi options like atta (whole wheat) or oats.

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It was established by Julius Maggi in the year 1886 in Switzerland. He created a formula, utilizing the various flavors that could add taste to the food. He thought of getting ready distinctive food items that would be accessible wherever economically and simultaneously feed the laborers. At this point, he thought of food like soups, sauces, and flour which supplements the above simple process.

History Of Maggi 

In 1984 Nestle India announced the launch of the Maggi range. But in 1997 it changed the taste of Maggi noodles, but it proved to be a failure. In 1999 it reintroduced with the old formulation and revived sales in India. In 2000it reached its peak and became the leader. By this, in the year 2009 Maggi has celebrated 25 years Maggi in India and they launched a campaign “Me and Meri Maggi”. It has reached its height and signing celebrities for their brand endorsement.

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2015 is a big crisis year for the Maggi as it was banned in India. A nationwide ban was imposed on Maggi by FSSAI (Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India) due to the high amount of lead found and No MSG label on its back that didn’t match with the safety standards. It was losing not only its market share but also credibility. Nestle announced a recall of its instant noodles from the markets and destroy 27000 tonnes of Maggi.

Healthy Maggi

Within a year Maggi relaunched with a bang in the market in 2016. They launched the Maggi in the market with a renowned face which convenience the customers easily. Big B in the new campaign is a storyteller who narrates the stories given by the consumers. The aim is to bring back the segments of consumers who moved away from the brand since they have grown up. A powerful celebrity as a brand ambassador adds a big boost which is the need of the hour for Maggi with so many competitors around.

It has captured the heart of millions again because it understands the need for people and manages to meet the demands. Maggi positioned itself as a homemade brand that targets the women who did not have much time to prepare the elaborate meals in the kitchen. Now they have a various variety of Maggi which gives healthy options and different flavors to the Maggi. In healthy options, it has atta noodles and oats noodles which are full of healthy fiber and nutritious content.

Maggi range has been widened by their new range like masala of India which has different flavors of the Indian state which adds the authenticity and flavors. They have their fusion Maggi flavors twist in the Maggi. Recently they have launched three new flavors like chatpata tomato, desi cheesy, and yummy capsicum. These new flavors have been inspired by some of the most favorite ingredients. The range becomes more exciting when coupled with the ability to vote for their favorite flavor.

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