A Delicacy : Daal Baati Churma

Food A Delicacy : Daal Baati Churma

Daal Baati Churma is a three in one delight as it has baked baati with spicy panchmel daal and crumbly churma presents the simplicity and deliciousness. It is a complete whole meal as it consists of wheat, pulses, and lastly served a sweet with it. Traditionally, the dish is served by mashing the baatis—flaky round bread—and then pouring ghee on top of it. The meal is accompanied by dal and spicy garlic chutney.

Baati is a ball of wheat dough and baked tandoor. while serving it is dipped in ghee. It can be plain or have various fillings including sattu (a ground mixture of pulses and cereals), onion, peas, and spices. It is popular in many parts of India and accomplished with panchmel daal or bharta (mashed curry). It has a long shelf life and high nutritional content.

Daal Baati Churma

Panchmel Daal is made by mixing 5 lentils which generally are hari moong dal, dhuli moong dal, chana dal, kali urad dal, and masoor dal give a very different flavor to the dal. Along with the five types of lentils, the tadka of ghee, onions, garlic, ginger, dry red chilies, green chilies which taste more inviting. Sometimes the combination of dal may vary. It has a good source of protein as it consists of different dals which have different health benefits.

Churma is made from unsalted baati. It is coarsely crushed baati and mixed with ghee and sugar or jaggery. It is accomplished with lassi. It has baati fine powder and has lots of ghee which is dunked into. Then mixed with jaggery. It is a sweet dish which is served with daal baati.

History Of Daal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma has been an important part of Rajasthani cuisine since time immemorial but the exact root of its origin is not known. It’s believed that the dish originated during the reign of Bappa Rawal, the founder of the Mewar Kingdom in Rajasthan. At that time, Baati was considered as a wartime meal.

DalBatiOrigin of Baati

It’s said that during the time of battles, the Rajput leaders used to leave the chunked dough buried in the sand before leaving for the war. By the time they returned, the scorching heat of the sun used to turn them into baked chunks. Then they used to dig out those perfectly baked baatis, slathered them with ghee, and consumed them along with some curd or buttermilk obtained from goat or camel milk. 

The combination of panchmel dal with baati is a later invention when traders from the Gupta Empire settled in Mewar, that the combination of dal and baati became popular – panchmel dal was a much-loved favorite in the royal court of the Guptas. The panchmel dal is a simple and nutritious mix of five lentils tempered with cumin, cloves, dried red chili, and other spices.

Churma, is a sweet dish that has been invented accidentally by the cook of Mewar’s Guhilot he poured sugarcane juice into some baatis. Realizing that it had made the baati softer, the women of the clan started dunking the battis in sweet water (made from sugarcane or jaggery) in an attempt to keep the baatis soft and fresh for their husbands. This eventually evolved into churma, a sweetened and cardamom-flavored mix of crushed baati.

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It was the time when baati is gaining popularity from Rajasthan another similar culinary gem was evolving in another part of the country. It is a specialty of Bihari cuisine. It is more similar to baati and has almost the same ingredients. It is served with chokha is a healthy combination because it does not use too much cooking oil. Both are either roasted or baked. 

History Of Litti 

Litti was first cooked in the Magadh kingdom before becoming popular in Bihar. Litti was an apparent staple food in the court of Magadh and places around it. Litti rose to prominence during the times of Tatya Tope and Rani Lakshmi Bai and became an important meal during war times, majorly because it needed very less water and could be baked without using any utensils, thereby making it an easy dish to prepare. Another reason for its popularity back then was that it could stay fresh for as long as two to three days.

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Chokha is made with grilled eggplant with some spices and onions. It is a brilliant source of dietary fiber, vitamins, manganese, folate, and phytonutrients.

Both litti chokha and dal baati churma are deceptively delicious. Keeping in mind their surprisingly similar appearance and taste. Nowadays they are served together it has chokha and daal which is served with batti or litti.

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