A Guide To 7 Most Popular Coffee Types All Over The World

Discover A Guide To 7 Most Popular Coffee Types All Over The World

A day starts with a coffee. It is the statement that is commonly said by many people around us because it’s like a morning tea for coffee lovers. A pleasant coffee aroma always makes you feel good and that you need to start the day. It is presented in our lives from almost 1200- 1300 years back so it feels like one of the oldest drinks we are consuming for ages and part of our history. While its invigorating taste has a pleasing effect. The unique flavour combination amazingly wakes people instantly and seem to make them feel calmer. The caffeine perks you up, and there is something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of coffee.

There are dozens of different types of coffee drinks available around the world so the coffee is grown around 70 countries and they have various varieties which are available all over the world which depend on the caffeine, strength and additions which you like add according to your preference. As you’re not much aware of these distinct flavours of coffee which travelled from different countries so I have compiled some of the top lists of coffee around the world and known to best drinks in the world while visiting these countries. Here are 7 different types of coffee which help you to know the type of coffee and order as a pro in a public.

7 Types Of Coffee


Express is Caffe Espresso which is originated in Italy and it directly refers to the process of pushing freshly fine-ground coffee bean essence through a special machine using steam and water until creating a highly concentrated brew. The original ingredient requires a strong coffee smell and is rich in flavours. It is coffee which is a great start for an Italian day and it is helpful for those people who want to lose or control weight.



It has intensely concentrated espresso blended with the velvety texture of steamed milk creates one of the popular types of coffee. Latte is an Italian term for milk. But latte has been matched with other menus in a coffee shop to give me variation. It is typically made with one shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk. It has a subtle flavour and higher milk content in the coffee.

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It is one of the best-flavoured coffee which has a gentle flavour that is creamy and smooth. Cappuccino is coffee that has been developed in Italy. It is express based coffee that is prepared with steamed milk foam. It is the equal part of espresso and milk foam. It is enjoyed well with sprinkled cinnamon. While Italian love to have this coffee in the morning toasted bread, biscuits, and cookies which is a perfect breakfast combination.



For coffee beginners, it is a perfect coffee which they drink coffee and smell like chocolate aroma. It is a chocolate flavoured coffee that is derived from a coffee plant of Arabica. It has a cocoa smell so a cup of Mocca can satisfy your chocolate craving. It is a mix of espresso with milk and with added chocolate or chelate syrup. It is like a regular latte with chocolate in it. In simple words, it can be said as the adult version of chocolate milk.

mocha cappuccino

Flat White

It is a coffee drink that has a higher proportion of coffee to milk and gives the strong taste of espresso. It was invented in Australia and New Zealand. It is a kind of milky coffee drink for those who prefer the sweeter and lighter coffee flavour and great pair with cookies. It has a minute difference between a latte and flat white as both are very similar but flat white is slightly stronger than a latte.

flat white


It is the espresso diluted with hot water for those who love to enjoy strong coffee. It has been founded in America during the golden age and at that time soldiers founded Americano where Italian espresso was too strong so they added hot water without any additives. It is the coffee that has the least among the other coffee drinks.

What is Americano Coffee 1


It is originated in Spain and a very similar drink to flat white but with a slight difference. It is a pure espresso that is blended with steamed milk that is not texture frothed in any way. The ratio between espresso and milk is 1:1. It has a very simple structure which is loved by everyone.

Type Of Coffee

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