Author: Jagriti Shukla

I am Jagriti, the cook and the writer behind this small blog. I have grown up in the kitchen alongside my mum and conversations in my family are always about the next meal. The love for food and cooking is always a passion for me. But my passion allowed me to follow my cooking journey.

The colourful festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is here where a 10-day celebration begins but without modak is incomplete. Modak is a sweet dumpling which is offered to Lord Ganesha and knows to be one of its favourite sweets. These Indian dumplings are a special treat to lord Ganpati and his devotees. The outer shell is prepared with rice flour, wheat flour or maida and the inner filling is mainly of coconut, jaggery, and dry fruits but a lot of different variants are prepared now. These days the people are exciting types too that have been introduced to satiate evolving palates…

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